Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day THIRTY


Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was what I would be writing about. Traveling and seeing the US by coach – YES…boating adventures – YES but all of these things seem like a distant memory right now. Our days are filled with routine things, we are happy to be waiting this mess out in a warm sunny place, we are grateful to be healthy and uber grateful that our family and friends are healthy. That said, I still feel anxious…my need to know hasn’t gotten much satisfaction. Totally agree Mick…lots of useless information out there right now.

So here is how day THIRTY of our sheltering in place went:

  • Wally and I did a 3 mile walk in the morning…We traipsed thru the orchard and around the golf courses. Our wildlife spotting today was two HUGE carp in the big pond on the 18 hole golf course. These big boys were at least two feet long, goldish shadows, lazily swimming through the water. Not photogenic but cool to watch. We also found a small fish spine at the other end of the pond so there must be some smaller fish in that pond that we didn’t see.
I took this photo in 2019 after. a huge rain storm. The ponds were all overflowing and the white pelicans magically appeared.

  • The Palm Springs Farmers Market is still up and running so we decided to go check it out after some friends told us how well it is being run – Thanks Cindy!!! The sidewalks at the entrance had circles painted on them six feet apart and as someone left the market, a person was allowed to enter and you advanced a circle until you were in. Masks were required to enter, only 50 people at a time are allowed into the market, you could not touch anything and again there were circles at each vendors booth. There was a well dressed dude standing off to the side of the entrance line letting everyone know how this was going to go down (check out the picture and you tell me that’s not well dressed). The wait was less than 5 minutes to go in and I must say it was so much more civilized than many markets I have been to in the past. I scored a beautiful loaf of cinnamon carmel swirl bread (oh breakfast boy, please come out and play), two bunches of amber beets, one bunch of red beets, fresh carrots, three baskets of luscious strawberries and two fresh hangar steaks. Wow, look at me out shopping again!!!

  • I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen putting away the market treasures, noshing on those strawberries and cooking up a storm. I used the instapot to sauté beet greens with red onion and garlic (yes, the tops of beets are edible people). Found a partial bag of brown lentils so those got cooked next in the instapot and combined with the beet greens along with some fresh parsley. Then I cooked the beets in the instapot…all of these yummies will be used for dinner tomorrow with that fresh hangar steak.
  • We sat outside and enjoyed our late afternoon Gin and Juice while Bentie zested lemons.
  • Dinner was Barbacoa Beef served over Garlic Couscous (cause I had a partial bag of that too) topped with Roasted Corn and Cilantro and a side of Spicy Coleslaw.
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day THIRTY was almost normal too… do you think this is just part of that acceptance thing??? Maybe, except normally we would be sharing this delicious meal with friends.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Nine


The temperature here today was a balmy 80 degrees which I think is sheer perfection. We actually got out of the compound today and went for a drive with our shelter in place friends. Yep, all four of us in the same car. I am not trying to sound flippant, because I know for some people this isn’t possible but honestly, these two have been our lifeline and we would be feeling so isolated if we did not have some friends that we could share these crazy times with.

So here is how day twenty nine of our sheltering in place went:

  • Woo-Hoo, the breakfast chef made a guest appearance today. He presented me with an asparagus, manchago cheese and carmelized onion frittata and toast with blueberry jam. We enjoyed this delicious breakfast with a glass of fresh, cold brew ice coffee.
  • Kristin and I did a 3 mile walk in the morning… my bike butt was not anxious to get back in the saddle today.
  • We had a visit from Mother Duck and her brood of five. This is the same Mother Duck who has been trying to help the parentless brood of nine. They has just come from the pond across the street and are still wet in the photos. If you zoom in on the photos you can see the water droplets on Mrs Mallard. Photo geeky coolio!
  • We took a drive in the afternoon to Lake Hemet with Kristen and John. Hwy 74 winds up through the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. There is a spectacular lookout about 7 miles up the Pines to Palms Hwy that has stunning views across the valley.

We were going to have a picnic by Lake Hemet but the wind was a bit too brisk and we were all dressed in shorts and tee shirts. It was 24 degrees cooler up in the mountains and in our haste to go somewhere, we didn’t dress for the temperature change. We high tailed it back to the car without even taking a picture of the lake. Lake Hemet was built during the 1890s to serve as a reservoir supplying water to groves in the Hemet area. The California Park Co operates the campground which has monthly camping sites in the summer with full hookups. Interestingly, it has been a no body contact lake up until recently when a Splash Park was put in at one end of the lake.

I found this photo online… the lake was actually closed when we visited and there wasn’t a person to be seen.

We tried two places for a picnic and ended up doing a standing picnic by a horse camping area.

  • We sat outside, had a cocktail and a Rubio’s take out dinner with our shelter in place friends, Kristen and John. Thanks guys for buying us dinner!!!
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day twenty nine felt almost normal, it was so nice to get out and do something with friends.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Eight


The temperature here today was a balmy 85 degrees. The sky has been brilliant blue with very few clouds but breezy especially later in the day. Since we have never stayed this late in April, I don’t know if the breeziness is normal. We have had to turn on the AC for a while in the afternoons but the evenings are cooling off and perfect for lounging around outside.

We are feeling a bit stir crazy and are going to escape the compound tomorrow and go for a drive.

So here is how day twenty eight of our sheltering in place went:

  • Kristin and I did a 10 mile bike ride today… will my behind ever get in shape for a longer ride? Even with my big bertha padded seat, I am feeling those 10 miles.
  • Spent the afternoon doing mundane things like trying to figure out an easier way to post recipes on the blog. This is on all of you… In case you don’t know, when you are on the main page, if you click on Epicurious at the top of the page you will find the recipes.
  • My allergies are still in overdrive so I have been taking all kinds of over the counter meds. Wondering if this is a shelter in palace allergy??
  • Lunch was a chopped chicken and kale salad which we enjoying alfresco. Today was a two umbrella day…no, not a two umbrella drink day, but hmm, thats not a bad idea either. We had both outside umbrellas up to give us some shade in the outdoor living room.

  • Wally went to the chiropractor today. He mentioned that they had quite the cleaning protocols, wore masks and had appointments spaced to that no one was in the office with other patients. Do you think this is going to be our new norm?
  • I love a good cup a coffee in the morning and love finding local coffee roasters when we are traveling. ROC in Cavecreek AZ is one of our all time favorites And I may have to splurge and order some online. In the meantime, we have been using Peet’s Coffee from Costco…yep, coffee snob girl got all offended at the thought of it but when I noticed they actually print the roast date on each bag and its usually less than a month old, I decided to lower my standards and be happy to have something decent – LOL. With the weather warming up, it felt like ice coffee weather is in the future so I got out the coffee toddy cold brew kit.
  • We sat outside and had a cocktail with our shelter in place friends, Kristen and John.
  • Tonight we had Barbacoa Beef Tacos and Grilled Corn on the Cob. Love having left overs that can easily be made into another simple meal.

  • The fridge is full of possibilities but tomorrow might be a support a local restaurant dinner night. As much as I enjoy cooking, a night off occasionally is most welcome.
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day twenty eight was uneventful but somehow it just sped by. Don’t know about you but I am waiting anxiously to hear how our state governors are planning to start re-opening the US. This much I know for sure, we will not be going back to normal for anytime soon.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Seven


Just wondering if any of you grew up with a Magic 8 Ball? My weird Aunt, who had a house painted black with a grand piano (careful, there was often a cat poop underneath it) and red flocked wall paper in the living room did, so yep, I am an ultimate authority on the Magic 8 Ball.

In case you were not fortunate enough to have a wacky aunt like mine, the Magic 8-Ball is a hollow plastic sphere resembling a black-and-white 8-ball. Its standard size is larger than an ordinary pool ball, but it has been made in various sizes. Inside the ball, a cylindrical reservoir contains a white plastic icosahedron floating in approximately 100mL of alcohol dyed dark blue. Each of the die’s 20 faces has an affirmative, negative or non-committal statement printed in raised letters. These messages are read through a window on the ball’s bottom. FYI…these answers are never wrong 🙂

To use the ball, it must be held with the window initially facing down to allow the die to float within the cylinder. After asking the ball a yes–no question, the user then turns the ball so that the window faces up.

Given these uncertain times we are all facing, I thought you should all know about the Magic 8 Ball and its potential to answer all of your questions about the future.

The 20 possible answers inside a standard Magic 8 Ball are:

  1.  As I see it, yes.
  2.  Ask again later.
  3.  Better not tell you now.
  4.  Cannot predict now.
  5.  Concentrate and ask again.
  6.  Don’t count on it.
  7.  It is certain.
  8.  It is decidedly so.
  9.  Most likely.
  10.  My reply is no.
  11.  My sources say no.
  12.  Outlook not so good.
  13.  Outlook good.
  14.  Reply hazy, try again.
  15.  Signs point to yes.
  16.  Very doubtful.
  17.  Without a doubt.
  18.  Yes.
  19.  Yes – definitely.
  20.  You may rely on it.

I consulted the Magic 8 Ball on a couple of questions that were weighing heavily on my mind and here’s what I learned…

Question…Will life as we know it ever be normal again? You may rely on it.

Question: Will I ever be able to buy toilet paper again? Outlook good.

Question: Will I run out of wine before I run out of toilet paper? Don’t count on it.

Question: Will my spouse put a pillow over my head in the near future? Outlook Good ( shite…not for me it isn’t)

Question: Is President Trump a narcissist? All signs point to yes.

Well, if you had any doubts about the power of the Magic 8 Ball the answer to that last question should have removed all your doubts!!!

So here is how day twenty seven of our sheltering in place went

  • I made a last minute order on Instacart and was shocked to get it delivered the same day. Yay for fresh veggies!!!
  • We got the Corvette to storage without a hitch. Thanks Zonya and Darcy for a fun outing… that car is a beast!!!
  • Our friends Jill and Cindy stopped by for an over the wall happy hour chat. They sat in their golf cart behind our lot while we stayed on the patio. Bentley wasn’t worried about any damn virus and took his lemon out with him to say hi!
  • I had a hankering for a Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad. I have a great recipe for a killer caesar dressing, so I made a batch of that and served the salad with grilled asparagus. We sat outside again tonight and had dinner overlooking the golf course.

  • The fridge is healthy. The Ralphs delivery put some life into the veggie selection.
  • Worked on this blog post and edited pictures.

Day twenty seven was very mellow. It was warm and sunny so it really wasn’t a hardship to stay home.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Six

04/14 /2020

I took a full day off yesterday…no blog post and no news. The up side is that I felt very energized today but the down side is that nothing really changed. The sun came up, life went on, the sun went down. It’s a bit like the twilight zone. The only big news on our end from yesterday is the Costco Instacart order was delivered and “what to my wondering eyes did appear but a large bundle of toilet paper, 30 rolls to be clear”. I have to wonder if the curve has flattened on hoarding stupidity finally.

Honestly, we don’t need it but I bought it knowing my mother might need it before I can find any locally in Mesa AZ that could be delivered. Seriously, how messed up is this??? But shhh, don’t tell her I have it just yet… my mom told me today that Costco has big packages of TP. I could go to Costco and get really big package, maybe drive it over to her and drop it off. Sure why not, its only an 8 hour drive round trip . I am thinking that USPS can help me out with this dilemma… unless of course the orange idiot closes them down.

So here is how day twenty six of our sheltering in place went

  • My SIP bestie, Kristen and I got in a 3.5 mile walk around the golf courses. There was not another soul out on our entire walk. We did have a duckling sighting… the motherless nine have hooked up with the family of five. We also saw some evidence that the circle of life has been in full force. Also found this cactus with the unusual flower on our walk. I have no idea what varietal it is… any one know?

  • We are helping some friends who are back in Canada get their car moved to climate controlled storage Here in Palm Springs. Wally stopped by their lot today to get the cover off the car, make sure it started and ran okay. Yep, it ran just fine!!!
  • I was a juicing maniac. 2 dozen oranges and about a dozen grapefruits. There will be plenty of G & J (gin and juice) drinks in our future.
  • It was also a home cooking day…I used our newly acquired dumpster instant pot to make Barbacoa Beef. If you like cumin and spicy food, then you’ll love Barbacoa Beef. Spicy shredded beef braised in a blend of chipotle adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregano. I use chuck roast because I like the flavor that the marbling adds to the beef. This recipe will yield you some seriously good left overs too.

  • Some friends here in the resort organized a game of Singo using Zoom. Before everything shut down here, we had done Singo live and it is a hoot so we were all in to try playing virtually. If you like music or trivia, you will like Singo. It is a new musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music and have to match the name of the song to the song card they have. There are also, “dance” songs In between where everyone gets up and dances. So fun!!! Here was our e-card for the game:

  • We Facetimed with a friend in Portland. One of the things we were discussing was how businesses will be defined post COVID-19. As owner of a successful winery in Yamhill, Oregon they are struggling with what the future means for Lenne Estates. The beautiful estate grown wines are enjoyed by people from all over the world, many of whom have had their first experience tasting these wines at the charming winery. Contemplating how COVID-19 might change the consumers experience, how to stay relevant and attract people to these wines in the future are all things that would certainly keep me up at night. The crystal ball is mighty foggy right now…

  • The weather is Palm Springs perfect right now, no wind, warm and sunny. Sitting outside in the evening as the sun goes down makes me forget everything that is wrong in the world right now. We enjoyed a glass of wine – at a safe distance with our Singo, shelter in place, ya they are family friends.

  • The fridge is healthy. There is a huge bag of asparagus calling to me.
  • Worked on this blog post and edited pictures.

Day twenty six was busy even though we just stayed home.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Four


Oh where to start today? The world in general seems to be upside down right now. The headlines around the world offer glimpses of hope, some counties are tentatively reopening or planning a reopening. But at the same time there are other countries that are in the midst of crisis. Here in the US, where there is no unified methodology so there are 50 ways this could go. 50 states doing things 50 different ways. Honestly, in lieu of any real presidential leadership, at least we have Dr. Fauci. Not sure how he is surviving the ever threatening Trump axe but thankfully for now his opinions are being heeded.

Dr. Fauci on Sunday called for a “rolling reentry” and a solution “that is not one size fits all” to prevent a potential rebound in Covid-19 cases from a premature reopening.

“It is not going to be a light switch that we say, ‘OK, it is now June, July, or whatever, click, the light switch goes back on,’” Fauci told CNN host Jake Tapper. “It’s going to be depending where you are in the country, the nature of the outbreak that you already experienced, and the threat of an outbreak that you may not have experienced.” (OKAY, I am gasping WTF…June or July???)

Sigh, yes acceptance and anger are mixed emotions in my mind. Coupled with all the stress of my mothers continuing cognitive decline in a time I can’t be there to help her. Did I tell you about her standing in her living room with the front door open…buck naked. She is a least keeping the screen door closed. Lots of exercise and wine is keeping me sane!!!

Even Sucia is feeling a bit upside down!!!

So here is how day twenty four of our sheltering in place went:

  • Not sure what happened today, but I was up before 8:00 am and had to make my own damn coffee, feed the fur bags and take Bentley for his constitutional. This will not go unforgotten!!!
  • Another Sunday so it’s fertilizer day – whoo-hoo!!! The flowers, herbs and plants thanked me. I’ve been trying to start some cilantro in my existing herb pot but the spindly seedlings are not thriving so I am trying a new batch in a cardboard insert that was part of a wifi booster package. How’s that for getting creative!!!
  • My SIP bestie, Kristen and I got in a 4 mile walk around the resort. We really mixed it up and did all the side streets too – crazy times!!!
I found this beauty… what a color explosion.
  • Laundry – yawn!!!
  • A couple of Easter Bunnies dropped off some treats!!! Thanks Bunnies…chocolate cures everything.
  • Wally has been helping some friends diagnose why their golf cart won’t start. He earned a bottle of wine for his efforts today – Thanks Dawn and Fran!!!
  • The other big event of the day happened when Wally took the garbage to the resort dumpsters. We have daily garbage pick up service but we just prefer to do it ourselves. A perfectly good, barely used 8 quart Instant Pot was left in the “adoptable” area by the dumpsters. The engineer thought it would be a fun project to fix, but it wasn’t broken…only unwanted. I have a smaller 6 quart which will find its permanent home on the boat and I will keep this big boy on the coach. Best dumpster find ever…LOL!!!
  • We Facetimed with friends from Scottsdale AZ today for happy hour. It’s amazing how much more connected we are since we can’t actually see anyone. Sandi and Gerry were here in February and we had a blast with them. Today they regaled us with all the house projects they have been crossing off under quarantine. Impressive… especially painting the kitchen cabinets.
Hiking with friends pre-apocalypse.

  • The fridge is looking quite empty but we have a Costco delivery tomorrow. There are three other people who have jumped in on the order so the Instacart shopper is getting a very nice tip!
  • Worked on this blog post and edited pictures.

Day twenty four was another roller coaster ride … but we stayed home.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Three


Well, here we are in day twenty three of this semi-isolation, COVID-19 pandemic, world shutdown.

I was talking with a friend tonight about where we were emotionally twenty three days into our radically altered lives. We are both planners, travelers, love adventure and the loss of these things is real and we grieve them. It got me thinking about the 5 stages of grief – denialangerbargainingdepression and acceptance which are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost or in our case the thing we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling.

Denial – oh yeah baby…this isn’t happening, can’t happen to us, won’t affect us… was where I was most of February and into early March. Anger…yep, started the first week into this crazy lockdown. Bargaining…We want life returned to what is was, we want to go back in time…if only, if only, if only. Depression…absolutely, I felt abject depression. So here we are at Acceptance… begrudgingly, I would say I am there. Not happy about it but at the same time, very grateful we are healthy, financially okay and haven’t lost anyone to this monster virus. It doesn’t mean I am okay with this current/new reality or not knowing what the future looks like it, but trying to learn to live with it. Instead of denying our feelings, we should all be listening to our needs; we change, we grow, we evolve. Perhaps in this altered universe you have started to reach out to others and become involved in their lives. Or perhaps, with all this extra time you are reinvesting in friendships or in your relationship with yourself. None the less, don’t discount that you too may be feeling grief and may be somewhere in one of these stages.

So here is how day twenty three of our sheltering in place went:

  • So my new reality seems to be sleeping until 9:00am or 9:30 am. It could also be I am staying up until midnight or perhaps it’s the new edible I am taking for sleep. None the less, not sure why I would be feeling any guilt about it.
  • Bentley and Wally went to the desert for their walk and also made a drive – thru stop for french fries. I am starting to think this outing is all about the fries and less about the walk!
  • I puttered around outside, pulling all the covers off the furniture and blowing all the debris off the patio. It felt really great to relax in the sun again today.

  • It was finally warm and sunny today so Kristen and I got in 2.8 miles walking around the resort. The face mask thing is really hard to get used to but we are trying to be good and wear the damn things. I took a few photos around the resort…it is so quiet at club houses and pools. It certainly feels strange not to see anyone on the golf courses or at the restaurant by the pool.

  • We had a nice Sesame, Black Bean And Avocado Salad for lunch on the patio.
  • After lunch, I took an 8 mile bike ride with some friends. I was able to sneak up on my duckling friends and get another picture. It’s kinda blurry and another reason I need a new camera with better zoom capabilities.
The little cuties are growing so fast…less duckling fuzz and more adult duck like everyday.

  • Dinner tonite went un-photographed again. We sat out on our shelter in place friends patio for cocktails and decided to order dinner from Tony’s Burgers. After my disappointing burger bun baking episode I was still in the mood for a burger. The Food Network loves this place and that’s how our friends Kristen and John found it. The Mini Blue Moon Burger with garlic and sweet potatoes fries was d’bomb!
  • The veggie selection in the fridge has taken a big hit. The chicken I took out of the freezer is thawing so I am still planning to make a Warm Quinoa Salad with Carrots and Grilled Chicken for dinner on Sunday.
  • A friend told us that the local farmers market is going again and was very well done. There were no long lines, people were required to wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, the vendors wore masks, you could point at what you wanted and the vendors bagged it, cash was handled with gloves and they said the produce was awesome. Sounds great so we may venture out next Saturday and check it out.
  • Worked on this blog post and edited pictures.
San Jacinto Mountains were finally visible today and have a fresh dusting of snow. I love how the clouds are hovering along the tops of the mountains in the picture above.

Day twenty three was a very nice day indeed … we stayed home and it felt great to be back outside in the sun.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Two


Okay, I know I said that being from the PNW, rain for a few days wasn’t a big deal. Well, today it was drippy most of the day and this is day four of PNW weather. SO, Mother Nature…I am over it…cut it out okay!!!

Given the wet conditions, I declared it to be a pet hair eradication day. No need to be idle here. There was a lot of vacuuming going on at the Road House… Sucia was not impressed.

There was not any new photography today so again you are going to be subjected to my whims. I did get a cute video of the 10 mallard duckling family making a mad dash for the pond. We didn’t see Mrs. Mallard anywhere and Mr. Mallard was clearly paying the brood no attention.

So here is how day twenty two of our sheltering in place went:

  • Wow, I got up early…9:25 am! I was actually awake earlier, but by delaying my actually exit from bed meant I didn’t have to take Bentley out, feed the pets or make coffee. Score!! My bad behavior was rewarded by a simple smoothie for breakfast. Seems expecting the breakfast chef to show up at work three days in a row and take care of all the morning chores is asking too much!
  • Wally and I got in a couple of miles around the resort before the rain drove us inside to clean.
  • Yep, we are leading an exciting life these days. The coach has tile floors and some carpet so cleaning isn’t terribly difficult or long but today I added “deep cleaning” to the chore list. The in-house vacuum makes pet hair eradication (PHE) easier. Trust me, I have tried going directly to the source and just vacuuming the pets but they weren’t amused. We have a washer and dryer on board so most laundry is done at our leisure but today as part of the great PHE exercise, Wally took all of our bedding to the laundry facility here in the resort. Huge washers and dryers make PHE a breeze. The desert is a constant source of dust and since we most often have all of our windows and doors open, dust happens. So dusting happened today too as did cleaning the inside windows and mirrors.
Love these fur bags…but why can‘t she lay on the thrown blankets???

This furbag may have short hair but geez, it is everywhere.

  • After all that cleaning I decided to make a big juicing mess. The fridge was completely empty of fresh orange and grapefruit juice plus the kitchen just looked too clean!
  • We Zoomed with friends Tom and Laurie in Mesa Arizona for happy hour chit-chat. These two are such great friends that they actually took some of their TP stash to my Mom last week. I know, those are good friends indeed.

  • Dinner tonite went un-photographed. Guess I was hungry and just forgot – sorry. It was a simple meal of Blackened Hangar Steak finished with Chimmchurri served with a Broccoli, Red Onion and Blue Cheese Salad. Wally opened a very nice bottle of 2016 Isenhower Grenache.

  • The veggie selection in the fridge has taken a big hit but I have all the ingredients to make a Warm Quinoa Salad with Carrots and Grilled Chicken for dinner tomorrow.
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day twenty two was a bit boring but the coach is sparkling clean! Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so we can get outside again.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty One


More sprinkles and mostly gray skies here today. That didn’t stop us from getting out and going for a drive. Bentley was happy to tag along and got a bit of play time along the Whitewater River. We didn’t hike, it was too drippy but we did do some rock hunting and found a few pretties for the landscaping beds. Next time we will take gloves and get some bigger ones.

We drove back though Palm Springs and Cathedral City. Palm Springs proper was a ghost town while parts of Cathedral City looked like business as usual. Not sure why the difference but PS is really enforcing the masks on while out in public and Cat City…not so much.

So here is how day twenty one of our sheltering in place went:

  • The breakfast chef was feeling his oats AGAIN this morning and whipped up a delicious Chorizo, Brussel Sprout and Potato Skillet Breakfast. It really was more like brunch because someone, ok me…didn’t get up until almost 10:30. Sucia Kitty technically wasn’t up either, so there!!! The amazing aroma woke me up and certainly did lure me out of bed.

  • One of our neighbors, Carolyn, stopped by and brought us these sweet masks she made. She was worried our face gaiters weren’t enough protection.

  • Wally, Bentley and I headed out for a drive to Whitewater Preserve. It’s about a 17 mile drive that takes you up Whitewater Canyon. We love this area, exploring the canyon and its history is fascinating. The area has a long history, dating to just before the pass became a road to the Arizona gold mines. The temptation to strike it rich must have coursed through so many a man …guess it still does. Gold mining however was a hard life as was staking a claim and farming. History makes me appreciate how easy our lives are now. Whitewater Preserve is closed because of this damn virus so we spent our time poking around the river and exploring a few rustic roads.
  • We used the House Party app to have cocktail hour with 4 other couples and play some games. Normally, this foursome would all be together hooting and hollering, chatting and having fun together. We are all here in the resort and this is our only way to get together for awhile yet. This crazy crisis is forcing us all to find ways to connect and stay sane.

  • Fixed Ginger and Green Onion Crab Ramen for dinner. Every summer we have a crab harvesting weekend when we crab ourselves silly, cook, clean and vacuum seal crab which goes in the freezer for the winter months when crabbing is just a distant memory. We LOVE fresh crab and honestly my favorite part of crabbing is jumping in our 13 ft boston whaler which we tow behind our bigger boat, zipping out to where our crab pots are sitting on the bottom of some bay, pulling the pots and waiting, breath held as the pot hits the surface of the water. It’s like playing the lottery, sometime you hit the jackpot and the crab pots are heavy and loaded with vicious crustaceans and sometimes its a bust.
  • The fridge has possibilities but I am fantasizing about sitting in a restaurant, poring over the menu while sipping a cocktail. If nothing else comes out of these troubled times, lets not forget to appreciate the small pleasures in life that perhaps we had been taking for granted.
  • Worked on this blog post and edited pictures from our drive to Whitewater.

Day twenty one felt almost normal. We actually went somewhere…granted we didn’t see a soul and only had one human interaction at a distance.

Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty


The temperature here today was a balmy 65 degrees. A few sprinkles, a lot of big fluffy clouds with beautiful blue skies peeking through at times. Apparently we are in for another couple days of rain which is really unusual here in the Coachella Valley. Having spent the majority of my life in the Pacific Northwest, a few days of rain are nothing.

We are looking for a short drive to do tomorrow if the big rains don’t materialize. I have not left the resort in weeks and am itching to go for a drive.

2018 – Ernie after an epic back country drive in Arizona.

So here is how day twenty of our sheltering in place went:

  • The breakfast chef was feeling his oats this morning and whipped up a delicious Southwest Frittata finished with Red Chile Sauce. It’s was so delicious….

  • Spent the morning doing mundane things like reviewing a boat insurance policy and adding a few things to my Instacart Costco order for a friend. Friends don’t let friends run out of vodka or basil pesto!
  • Wally and I headed out for a 3 mile walk around the resort. Interesting how much better my allergies are when wearing a mask. That is the upside, I really don’t like wearing it but and have to take a breather (LOL) occasionally.

  • Lunch was a simple fruit smoothie. I accidentally got a chocolate protein powder recently but it actually turned out to be delicious with the fresh fruit juice and frozen berries. This new protein powder, OrGain is plant based, has no added sugar and is organic.
  • Bentley took a much needed trip to the desert for his walk with Wally. No old man crow today which is a disappointment for Bentley and no snakes which was not a disappointment for Wally.

  • We both had a mini spa treatment with my fancy electronic foot tool and a soak in eucalyptus epsom salt. Maybe we are being held captive but our feet should still be treated with love!!
  • With soft tootsies, I donned my fancy face gaiter, helmet and took a bicycle ride with my friend Kristen. We rode about 5 miles before it started to spit rain.
  • We used Zoom again to have cocktail hour with friends. Sadly, we are just four miles apart and under normal circumstances we would be sitting together drinking wine, cooking dinner and solving all the world problems. This is just soooo weird…
  • Tonight was support your favorite sushi restaurant by getting take-out. We love Otori Sushi Restaurant and really hope they make it through this craziness. The only weird thing about getting take out sushi is that all of the sauces come in separate little containers and we don’t know what goes on what – oh well, its sushi adventure!

  • The fridge is full of possibilities, still thinking about making Crab Ramen Noodles for dinner tomorrow… we’ll see!
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day twenty – what?? Well, day twenty was kinda like day nineteen which was kinda like day eighteen….we just stayed home.