Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twenty Two


Okay, I know I said that being from the PNW, rain for a few days wasn’t a big deal. Well, today it was drippy most of the day and this is day four of PNW weather. SO, Mother Nature…I am over it…cut it out okay!!!

Given the wet conditions, I declared it to be a pet hair eradication day. No need to be idle here. There was a lot of vacuuming going on at the Road House… Sucia was not impressed.

There was not any new photography today so again you are going to be subjected to my whims. I did get a cute video of the 10 mallard duckling family making a mad dash for the pond. We didn’t see Mrs. Mallard anywhere and Mr. Mallard was clearly paying the brood no attention.

So here is how day twenty two of our sheltering in place went:

  • Wow, I got up early…9:25 am! I was actually awake earlier, but by delaying my actually exit from bed meant I didn’t have to take Bentley out, feed the pets or make coffee. Score!! My bad behavior was rewarded by a simple smoothie for breakfast. Seems expecting the breakfast chef to show up at work three days in a row and take care of all the morning chores is asking too much!
  • Wally and I got in a couple of miles around the resort before the rain drove us inside to clean.
  • Yep, we are leading an exciting life these days. The coach has tile floors and some carpet so cleaning isn’t terribly difficult or long but today I added “deep cleaning” to the chore list. The in-house vacuum makes pet hair eradication (PHE) easier. Trust me, I have tried going directly to the source and just vacuuming the pets but they weren’t amused. We have a washer and dryer on board so most laundry is done at our leisure but today as part of the great PHE exercise, Wally took all of our bedding to the laundry facility here in the resort. Huge washers and dryers make PHE a breeze. The desert is a constant source of dust and since we most often have all of our windows and doors open, dust happens. So dusting happened today too as did cleaning the inside windows and mirrors.
Love these fur bags…but why can‘t she lay on the thrown blankets???

This furbag may have short hair but geez, it is everywhere.

  • After all that cleaning I decided to make a big juicing mess. The fridge was completely empty of fresh orange and grapefruit juice plus the kitchen just looked too clean!
  • We Zoomed with friends Tom and Laurie in Mesa Arizona for happy hour chit-chat. These two are such great friends that they actually took some of their TP stash to my Mom last week. I know, those are good friends indeed.

  • Dinner tonite went un-photographed. Guess I was hungry and just forgot – sorry. It was a simple meal of Blackened Hangar Steak finished with Chimmchurri served with a Broccoli, Red Onion and Blue Cheese Salad. Wally opened a very nice bottle of 2016 Isenhower Grenache.

  • The veggie selection in the fridge has taken a big hit but I have all the ingredients to make a Warm Quinoa Salad with Carrots and Grilled Chicken for dinner tomorrow.
  • Worked on this blog post.

Day twenty two was a bit boring but the coach is sparkling clean! Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so we can get outside again.

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