A Month in Louisville, KY

I spent the month of December in Louisville helping my mother recuperate after a 5 day stay in the hospital. We had plans to both be there for 10 days to help get her ready to move to a senior community in Arizona and honestly, it was a good thing I was there three weeks earlier. With an aging parent, the moving process that most of us would breeze through just takes more time.



PODS is a great way to move…they have great customer service and communicate the process very well.


I stayed with my cousins who live nearby so my sanity mostly stayed intact. We really enjoying the holidays together, cooking and baking together. They have some wonderful friends who happily included us in their holiday celebrations.



The New Years brunch feast.


A delicious Australian dessert…Lambingtons. Made by my talented cousin June.


In between driving my mother to appointments, packing the condo, trips to the Goodwill and Margrets Consignment Shop (how many shoes, pursues and clothes can one person have??) we did manage to get out to try some new restaurants, attend a concert, see some christmas lights, tour the Copper and Kings Brandy Distillery. No, not Bourbon on this trip, we have done so many of those tours on prior trips. Yes, we did eat some BBQ too!


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The Louisville Palace is a beautiful concert venue.


Louisville really is a very livable city and generally, people are incredible friendly. Easy to get around, shopping and services abound, a great restaurant scene with just about any ethnic choice you many be craving, art and a rich southern history. Housing is very affordable and there are four seasons…but Louisville won’t likely ever make our short list of places to live. Why, you may ask…well it is cold, gray and rainy in the winter, humid and hot in the summer – two strikes and your out. Sorry Louisville, I do love you but you failed my weather criteria.



Yummy… Shrimp and Grits and a local brew.



A gorgeous day for a walk…


This was the longest I have been away from my hubby and pets, so boy was I glad to get back to Palm Springs where we are wintering. The critters were both very happy to see me.



Bentley was at a kennel for 10 days while Wally was in KY with me so boy was he glad to be sleeping on his own bed at home



Hitting the bottle…Bentley loved his christmas present from his Kentucky Cousins!!!