Bolting to Portland…

After almost two years of being retired it has finally sunk in that I can actually do what I want when I want…well, within reason, right?

Last week, I was thinking about a girlfriend in Portland as I knew her birthday was on the horizon and wondered what she was doing. We have spent many of her birthdays with a group of her gal pals, doing fun road trips, hiking in the back country of Yellowstone, whale watching in the San Juan Islands, the list goes on and on.




We started texting back and forth and she told me her upcoming plans, I shot a text back asking the B*&ch why she didn’t invite me too??? Well, she thought I was still out on the boat…Well, I am not and I am coming to Portland for your birthday, so there! Fine, she texted back…get your ass down here.



Misty was glad to see me when I arrived in Portland!!!


Here is when the bolt of lightning struck me again… I can do that!!! We aren’t planning to leave Anacortes until September 26th so I should still have lots of time to play and then get the Road House ready to roll – YAY!!!

Since we only have one automobile, I decided it would not be cool to strand Wally in Anacortes and just drive to Portland. I could rent a car but the idea of driving was not very appealing so that left several options, plane, train or bus. No matter what mode of transportation I chose, it would mean some commute to get there from Anacortes. I am really partial to Amtrak but from Anacortes, it was going to be a real pain once I got to Seattle. All the direct trains were already booked so I would have to take a bus to another train station. No direct flights from nearby Bellingham and I would have to take a shuttle from Anacortes to Seattle to get a direct flight. After some research, I decided that taking the BoltBus from Bellingham would be the easiest and least expensive way to get to Portland plus I know lots of Portland Peeps who love the BoltBus so I decided to go for it.




What is BoltBus you might wonder…
According to Wikipedia, BoltBus is a premium brand of service that was launched in 2008 offering safe, non-stop, premium level bus transportation with fares as low as $1 between New York, NY and Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ and Boston, MA. In 2012, Boltbus expanded its operations to the West Coast with service between Portland, OR, Seattle, WA Bellingham, WA and Vancouver, BC. Turns out, BoltBus is exclusively owned and operated by Greyhound Lines, which surprised me as I have always thought of GreyHound in a not so positive light.

Turns out is was quite relaxing to Bolt: get on, plug in the devices, surf (the bus has wifi), read, just zen out or eavesdrop on other people (which of course I would never do). We did stop in Seattle briefly to let passengers on or off but otherwise it was a direct 6 hour cruise…not bad for $28.50 each way! Just a word of warning, don’t sit in the back of the bus near the restroom…not sure why I thought that was a good idea on the way to Portland.



Lake Union from the window of the bus.


Once I got into Portland, it was nonstop fun! Sushi at Yoko’s, a visit to the Lake Oswego Farmers Market, wine tasting in the Columbia River Gorge, BBQ’s at friends, lunch dates, shopping, girl gab, dinner dates, walks along the Willamette River.



The produce at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market was absolutely beautiful.



The wine tasting experience at Analemma is top notch. The area around Mosier Oregon is just gorgeous too.



Love the modern architecture at Cor Cellars. We opted to sit on the other side of the building in adirondack chairs looking right out at Mt Hood.



The whole area around Lyle, Washington is so picturesque and the wines being produced at Cor Cellars are definitely cellar worthy.



Loved the all female wine making team at AniChi…its funky, fun and delicious. The views across the gorge are drop dead gorgeous. 




Drinks and food are great here…most dishes are cooked in the huge wood fired oven.



This is one of the oldest still-standing firehouses in Portland, having been built in 1905.  It operated as Station 29 until the 1950s, and was used in a variety of ways until becoming a restaurant in 2008.


My five days went way too fast, there were so many friends I didn’t have time to see and soon I was Bolting back to Anacortes replete with a glow that only time with good friends can induce.

4 thoughts on “Bolting to Portland…

  1. One of the things we didn’t get to do while we were in Portland was go wine tasting. I know, I know… we’re idiots. We just had a lot of other stuff going on. These wineries look gorgeous though. Next time…. And I didn’t realize Bolt was on the west coast. We used buses several times to travel between DC and NYC and it was always a good experience. It’s nice to let someone else drive…

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