The Road House is Rolling….

Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” is blasting in the coach as we are rolling down the highway. The next five days will be drive days…Kennewick WA, Boise ID, Brigham City, UT, Moab UT and Gallup NM are our planned overnight stops. Monday the 8th we will roll into the Balloon Festival Grounds in Albuquerque NM where we plan to meet up with friends at The Monaco International RV Group site. Bucket list event…can’t wait!
Today we were a bit slow getting out of Anacortes, taking our time to double-check everything on the coach and the car since it has been about 4 months since we (okay, Wally) has been behind the wheel. After fueling and weighing the coach at a local weigh station, we finally got on I5 around 10 am.



We had a great stay at Fildalgo Bay RV Resort …great view out our front window of Padilla Bay and Mt. Baker.



We had one last crab feed before leaving Anacortes. Thanks Ted and Marsha for the fresh steamed and oh, so delicious crabbies.

The left side rear side of the coach is heavier than the right side by almost 1,000 lbs so we will have to do a bit of repacking in Kennewick. Hmm, could it be that pesky wine again??? Having the weight distributed evenly makes the coach handle better and also prevents overload wear and tear on the tires.
It is nice day to be driving across Western Washington and it feels great to be “On the Road Again! Good Bye for now Anacortes…see you next spring!



Headed over Snoqualmie Pass…yep, there is a bit of snow on that peak.



7 thoughts on “The Road House is Rolling….

  1. We’re already living vicariously through you! Do you regularly check your weight of the coach and dinghy car? At truck weigh station? Required or just for your benefit re weight distribution? Keep on rollin’! I2D2

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    • Hi Iain..
      We try to weight the coach and it’s copious contents before we roll south for the winter and again in the spring when we roll north.

      Hoping you and Ing will roll our way with your new rig!!!


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