Hanging at the Dock

Well, here we are back in Anacortes Washington after a grand summer adventure. We sure did enjoy ourselves despite our rough start. Over 125 hours spent motoring, over 800 gallons of fuel burned, 4 major straits crossed, dozens of rapids traversed and so many beautiful sunsets logged! EPIC…well, yes it really was.

In case you were wondering, we did not run out of food or beverages. The pets had plenty of chow and the freezers still have enough in them for another four week cruise. I may have over packed the galley but we sure did eat well, especially with the addition of all the fresh seafood  that we harvested.

Who knew having such an epic summer would be so exhausting. We came back a bit weary and it has been great to simply just hang out in the marina, catch up with friends, walk the local trails with no fear of bears, get fresh veggies at the local farmers market and walk 5 blocks to a plethora of great restaurants where they do the dishes too!!!


So what’s next??? Well, we are trying to sort out what needs to be fixed on the boat as a result of the water in the engine room. The only thing that really quit working during our cruise was the water maker and luckily we didn’t have any issues getting fresh, potable water up north. Since we took on water, the starboard transmission has gotten much louder than the port when it is engaged and will need repaired. Most of the other things that will need repairing or replacement are all part of mitigating potential future issues.

Thankfully, none of these issues prevented us from continuing our cruise up north but the long-term effects of salt water on moving parts isn’t rosy.  The good news is that thanks to our awesome local experts and great insurance coverage, the Beach House will be as good as new by the next cruising season.

Fixing the anchor windlass with superior cat supervision.

The Road House sat pretty over the summer… all covered up, hooked to electricity with vent fans running and batteries being charged. The engine started and ran great as did the generator when Wally did his first inspection.

All uncovered and read to roll.

After engine oil and fuel filter changes at the local Caterpillar Engine dealer, the Road House is now at the Freightliner in Burlington getting her chassis lubricated and the brakes inspected.

So, we will close down the summer home and open up the winter home! Then it’s time to hit the road. We seem to be drawn back to New Mexico again this fall… I am starting to wonder if we are destined to live there some day. Actually, the draw this fall is the Albuquerque Balloon Festival which has been on my bucket list for some time. From there we will head to Sedona AZ to meet fellow RV friends and celebrate birthdays with some other friends.

Balloons as far as the eyes can see… so EXCITED to be attending!!!

Eventually, we will roll into the Outdoor Resort Palm Springs where we will spend the winter. We stayed there for part of last winter and loved this community of RVer’s and the resort so much that we bought a lot there.

The Road House will be sitting right here!!!

Looking forward to enjoying our morning coffee in the sun.

Our winter back yard.

But for the next few weeks, its projects on the boat and rv, washing all the boat bedding, cleaning carpets, getting medical check-ups for us and the pets all done. Nope, in case you were wondering, it’s not all fun and games for us. What’s that saying “ you gotta pay to play”.

3 thoughts on “Hanging at the Dock

  1. Sounds like you had a great summer and now you’ll have a beautiful place to chill out for the winter. I’ve seen a few other people buy lots at RV parks and it’s definitely an interesting idea. The hard part is finding a place you’ll always want to come back to. From the looks of it, you guys hit the jackpot. That place is gorgeous and where better to hang out in the winter than Palm Springs?


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