The First Fifty

WOO-HOO… we did it… we are officially on the road!

Yesterday was literally a flat out pedal to the metal move out frenzy. Our goal was to get on the road around 10 am   – it’s good to have a goal, right? The hours ticked by, packing and cleaning, 10 am became noon and soon it was 2 pm. The last big task was to move our real queen sized mattress (as opposed to the thin RV mattress) from the second floor bedroom in the house into the RV which was parked at the end of the driveway. No easy task for two exhausted people but with some ingenuity and sheer determination, we muscled the damn thing into the RV. High fives, hugs and some seriously silly giggles.

Now fully committed to leaving, it was 3:30 and we really didn’t want to be on the road after dark. A quick look at google maps for RV Parks and we hit the road. As Mao said, the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step or, I guess, “Salem”. (M. Tedesco)

Yes, Salem Oregon, a whooping 50 miles away.  I drove the car and Wally followed me in the Road House. A bit anticlimactic but we had a gorgeous sunset as we drove along I5.


We may have only done our first 50 but for us that was reason to CELEBRATE! Some one gave us a wonderful bottle of J Brut Rose at our going away party but in the fun of the day, the card was separated from the bottle. So, whoever you are – Thank You… it was much needed and appreciated.

5 thoughts on “The First Fifty

  1. That was like when we moved to Arizona.. noon became 3 o’clock and we just wanted to get out of town.. so we got on the road and hit a hotel about 50 miles away.


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