I Think I am Starting to Panic…

When my normally calm husband uttered these words to me today, I stopped what I was doing to gape at him. With three days to finish packing the coach, clean out our house, make a final dump and Goodwill run, get our second vehicle to the new owner, get our tow car serviced it had started to snow, so no small wonder he was feeling edgy!! I tried to calmly remind him just to focus on one task at a time so he would feel good about getting something done and feel in control. Okay, so after mentally checking my to-do list, I felt slightly better too.

We knew leaving Portland in December could get complicated by weather and the biggest worry was getting over the Siskiyou Pass. The pass is only 4,311 foot elevation but can be really treacherous in the winter. But seriously, I wasn’t envisioning snow in Portland and was thinking we would get to Ashland, no problem. From there we could wait until we had a good weather window to to get over the Siskiyou Pass and make the 2.5 hour drive to Redding where the sun was sure to be shining and mountain passes would be all behind us.


Well, the house is a disaster inside and so is the coach but I am optimistic we will be hitting the road on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed…

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