Oh what a difference a day makes.

Couldn’t resist the call of the water so we are back on the boat for a short trip out to Sucia Island. Yes, we should be working in the garage, culling through boxes and getting ourselves ready to go nomad in the fall!

We left Anacortes yesterday morning and had a very nice cruise over to Sucia, got our favorite dock spot, took a nice walk on the beach with Mr. Bentley and settled in for a few days of crabbing, hiking and general R&R.

Rain was in the forecast and it did arrive in the late afternoon while I was fixing a Black Bean Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was warm and cozy in the boat so soon everyone but me was napping.


Just as we sat down to dinner, the most beautiful rainbow appeared over the island, touching down in the water out in the bay.


Today, we woke to the sun and clear blue skies…a perfect San Juan day. Crabbing is open today so of course we will be getting a pot in the water.


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