Home Improvements!!! Part one…

Road House is a 2003 Safari Cheetah made by Monaco with all the bells and whistles. While she is a lightly used coach, we want to make a few upgrades to make her really feel like our home.

We are looking at new LVT wood plank flooring, new carpet, LED lights, a few cabinet changes and a oven to name a few. Oh, and maybe a new couch and chair – mid century modern, if we can get it through the small RV door.

Wally found a get deal on a new Atwood propane stove/oven combo that will slide into the existing space, once a drawer or two are removed. Being a handy guy, he feels confident this will be a fairly simple project.


Mr. Handy has got it in and now is working on the trim and drawers. So excited, to be able to bake! YAY, fresh bread!!! Stay tuned for more updates…

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