Patos Island

Not sure why we have never visited Patos Island as we discovered what a gem it is yesterday. The water was like a pond so it was the perfect day to take the whaler ride over there from Sucia.

Patos Island Marine State Park is a 207-acre marine park with 20,000-feet of saltwater shoreline. The island is owned by the federal government and is administered by the Bureau of Land Management’s Wenatchee Office. The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission operates a small campground facility at Active Cove near the west side of the island, maintains a 1.5 mile loop trail, and has two offshore mooring buoys but we only saw one.

The lighthouse is beautifully maintained and looks to be open for tours but was closed on our visit. We had the entire island to ourselves and enjoyed the loop trail  that follows the shoreline and cuts through the woods.

Mr. Bentley enjoyed the trip and the leash free play time too! Hanging on the buoy at Patos is now on my bucket list.

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