Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twelve


It was warm, muggy and overcast today but this made for a beautiful sunset.

So here is how day twelve of our sheltering in place went:

  • Walked the resort and golf courses with my SIP pal Kristen…another 5 miles. We checked in on the 8th hole Mallard Duck family and I am sad to report we only counted nine ducklings today. Waahhhh…What was really cute and lifted my sad animal lovin heart was that mallard family had extra help protecting the ducklings from a group widgens. I almost didn’t post the picture below because its… BAD. I asked Wally if he was sure that was the photo he took tonite and he said I tried to crop it and make it better, asked him again if he was sure that was tonite’s photo as upon closer inspection I counted TEN ducklings in the photos. It is still a crummy photo but Woohoo…hoping this is not a wine induced mirage.
  • Wally took Bentley to the desert for their dude walk. No snakes thankfully and the old crow took a pass over but didn’t land today. Notice Bentley is sporting a new pair of bright red “running shoes” in the photo below. The desert isn’t easy on his feet and the thorns are really painful so he happily wears his booties. He had two years mileage on the first pair. All the running and skidding all over the desert finally wore out the heavy neoprene soles so he just got these bright red numbers. SASSY!!!
  • Made a chopped salad with rotisserie chicken from Costco and all the newly acquired salad fixings in the fridge. 
  • I vacuumed till I sweated today…good-bye cat and dog hair. It was warm enough today that I actually turned on the AC while I kicked ass on the pet filth. 
  • Supported our favorite local sushi restaurant tonight by ordering take out….again.
  • Fridge is plump but not full…I really had no excuse not to cook dinner tonite except pure laziness and there is a pork tenderloin on the menu tomorrow.
  • Worked in this blog post, accidentally updated an old post with the new post and luckily used the revisions tab to undo my mistake. I knew better than to hit update instead of save…GRRRR. Its the wine…thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!

Day twelve just sped by. Hope all of you are healthy, sane and staying home!!!

PS… I am happy to report that Sucia pooped INSIDE the litter box yesterday. I know, not all of you may share in my over the top excitement but all you cat lovers will definitely be giving me a virtual high five. Fingers crossed the new litter and clean box will solve the mystery.

3 thoughts on “Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Twelve

  1. Our Shire is 17 now and was refusing to potty in the litter box. Found a spot in my closet that she liked, what a mess but it cleaned up. I think it had something to do with the litter also as we tried the “light” litter. I put a little cat bed on the floor in the bathroom thinking we would have to lock her in there while we were gone and she peed on it. So for a few weeks it had a wee-wee pad under it and I would pick it up to wash it every other day. At least I knew where she was going! It’s been up for a few weeks and she is back to using the litter box but we have also switched back to regular litter. Not sure if this is age related or what.


    • I think it was the litter… got a different one by accident and she put up with it for awhile. She also has idiosyncratic bladder inflammations which are very painful. She has let us know in the past by peeing in the bathroom sink.. isn’t that smart!!! That didn’t seem to be the issue this time so I hope we figured it out.

      Glad Shire is doing okay… good job getting her to 17. Hi to John.


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