Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Ten


Today was a breezy, warm, sunny day in the desert so I decided to take the day off. No in-depth report today, instead, I am sharing a few of my favorite singer-songwriter artist who are posting daily on FB. So fun to see these talented people performing acoustical music from their own home

So here is how day ten of our sheltering in place went:

  • Keb Mo: I love this guy..have seen him any chance I get. What a story teller.
  • Mary Chaplin Carpenter: Another talented singer-song writer storyteller who I got to see recently in Escondido California.
  • Shawn Colvin: What I love about some of these current “at home” videos is how you get to see the person, raw, upfront and honest…like they are sitting in your living room, chatting with you like you are BFF’s. Shawn’s music is shaped by her life long struggle with depression…its real, so real. I hope she truly understands the gift her voice and music is to people like me across the world.
  • Fridge (thanks Bill) is getting very empty. Fingers crossed on the Instacart deliveries XXXXX.

Well, so far so good…day ten was very relaxed. Hope all of you are healthy, sane and staying home!!!

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