Up Close With Humpbacks….

WOW…WOW and WOW…last night after dinner we ran out in the whaler to get our   prawn pot which was out in Sutil Channel.

The ride out from where we were anchored in Von Donop Inlet was stunning. The sun was setting on the mountains and the water was calm flat.




We got the pot pulled, not many shrimpies but what happened next made us forget our meager harvest.

Not far off the left side of the whaler, I saw what I thought was a log. But no, it was twisting as it moved…. then a dorsal fin appeared… and another dorsal fin, then a tail.

Humpback Whales…Sweet. We watched for a couple of minutes… then blows, loud like the roar of a lion. More fins and tails. Wow….

We counted at least four humpies and they appeared to be feeding. They seemed to be moving away from us so we sat and waited.

More blows, did I say WOW! So loud and so close…it sounded like a lion roaring.  I had the camera ready and started the video. A full breach… whoa, unbelievable but no video. I must have hit the stop button when Wally yelled…holey shite!

We were afraid to move the whaler so we just sat there wondering where the heck they were.

I did manage to get this video.


What an evening… we are still pinching ourselves about how fortunate we are to be on the water and experience so much natural wonder. Did I already say WOW?



I love the fan tail the whaler makes as we zoom away from our crazy whale encounter.

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