The Wild Broughtons

It has been just over a month since we left Anacortes Washington bound for the Broughton Islands in Northern British Columbia. So far we have had quite an adventure and have certainly learned a lot on this cruise. While we have been boating for almost 20 years, this has certainly been one of the most wild and rugged cruises we have taken by ourselves.




There have been many nights that we have been anchored out in a bay or cove with no other boats or people around for miles…ah, and no cell or wifi  either. Our entertainment has been watching the wild life, reading, fishing, prawning, crabbing, exploring by kayak and in the whaler, seriously competitive games of backgammon and spectacular sunsets! No fear of boredom setting in…really!!



Hanging on the anchor near Cecil Island.



Aren’t Dungeness Crabs beautiful….Yes, we ate him!!!


We have seen orca whales, pacific white sided dolphins, copious numbers of adult and juvenile bald eagles, mink, otters, seals, sea lions and many other types of sea creatures and birds. So far we have not seen any bears but we have talked to other folks that have seen them on shore. I am still hoping for a bear sighting…just not when we are talking Bentley to shore!!!



The dolphin encounter was one of the highlights of our cruise.




Lingcod might not be beautiful but they sure taste good…Yes, we ate  it!!



This dude was watching us fish…he actually flew down and tried to grab the first small rockfish I brought up to the boat …that was exciting!!!



What a beauty… Nope, we didn’t eat it…too small, so it swam free!



The big guy was holding court while the ladies were fawning all over him…quite the ladies man!



A happy fisherman with his catch of the day…a black rockfish and a huge yellow edged rockfish…yep, you guessed right – we ate them!



Look at those beautiful prawns…Are you starting to get the feeling that we have been eating well.


The month has really gone by too quickly and I can’t believe we are starting the trek south already. The good new is that you can expect more frequent updates as we get back in the land of cell reception.



Just another spectacular sunset!

2 thoughts on “The Wild Broughtons

  1. As with all your posts, lovely words and beautiful pictures. You talent is amazing. Makes me very happy you two are following your bliss.
    Love to you both,


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