Broughton Islands Here We Come…

Our trip north so far has been filled with mostly smooth seas but some crazy events. Crossing the Straits of Georgia, taking on water in Desolation Sound, a crazy parts run to Campbell River  and transiting four sets of major rapids just to get to Desolation Sound.

I can’t tell you how relieved we were that our last repair went well and the Beach House is running even better than before. The split hose was a result of the starboard engine overheat that happened a few days prior. The overheat was caused by the sea strainer getting clogged with eel grass. The overheat also caused our raw water pump impeller to get chewed to bits as no water was passing through the pump. Wally had to fixed the impeller on our first day out.  One event caused a series of issues but that is all behind us now.

After the crazy parts run, Wally installed the new hose and tested the engines.  Everything looked great and the starboard engine was running at its desired temperature. That said, we decided to spent an extra day in Refuge Cove on the dock so that Wally could clean out the engine room that flooded with sea water and spray all the now dry but previously soaked connections with an anti-corrosion solution. I spent the day doing chores and laundry.



Looks like a scene from the Wizard of Oz!!



Got all my herbs replanted into one planter…basil, thyme, parsley, oregano and chives.


Up early on Wally’s Birthday, we had a 3 1/2 hour cruise route planned to Blind Channel Marina where we had a dinner reservation at the Resort Restaurant. Our route takes us through a series of rapids that we have to transit at slack currents to avoid the dangerous whirlpools that can open up three foot deep holes over thirty feet across. Get into one of those whirlpools and I guarantee you that we would not have made our dinner reservation.



Found this picture of Devils Hole in Dent Rapids… we have actually seen it bigger. Holy Crapola Batman!!!


The Beach House cruised through the rapids with no problems and other than the small rips and swirls around Dent Rapids it was a smooth cruise. For the most past we saw very few other boats and it was a beautiful, peaceful, event free cruise. That alone was the most perfect BD present Wally could have gotten!!!



This is why we time our trip through Dent Rapids…No rapids a good thing!!


We have been to Desolation Sounds before but never this far north so it was thrilling for us to say the least. The steep mountains come right down to the water and the scenery is just stunning. We saw three orca whales, Dall porpoises  and bald eagles …none of which I got a picture of – sorry!

Once we were tied up to the dock at the marina, its was time for some exploring on land. It is a treat this far north to find a marina with access to hiking trails and a first class restaurant. Birthday Boy, Bentley and I enjoyed stretching our legs and wandering through the heavily forested trails.




These trails are a cool collaboration between the resort owners and the BC Forestry Service. They are well marked and had great signage along the way about the flora and fauna.







We had a great BD celebration dinner at the Resort restaurant our first night there and enjoyed a final beverage, sitting in the cockpit of our boat looking out over the water towards the rugged, snow-capped mountains. This is why we boat…yes, there are sometimes  “events” that happen along the way but the payoff is days like this!



Fresh wild caught BC Salmon over a crispy Polenta Cake …yummy!!




We met the nicest people at Blind Channel Marina.. a special shout out to Grant and Lesley for their Johnstone Strait route planning help. Happy Hour is on us when we meet up in the Broughtons! Another big shout out to Rusty and Randy who are paddling/sailing from Anacortes WA to Ketchikan AK, yes that’s ALASKA, on their cool Hobie vessels. We are hoping to buy them a beer and dinner somewhere along the way or back in Anacortes!



Rusty and Randy heading out again from Blind Channel Marina.

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