Ground Hogs Day in Twin Falls Idaho

So I am guessing you have figured out we are still trying to get the issues with our coach resolved. You can check out the link for the rest of the saga if you are just tuning in.  Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. I can safely say that today will not be my most exciting Birthday ever but it will certainly be memorable.




Since we were relegated to a KOA just a few miles from the Freightliner Dealership for the weekend we decided to make lemons into lemonade and explore the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. Driving through the Snake River Canyon on US 30 between Hagerman and Twin Falls, it’s easy to see how the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway got its name. An abundance of natural springs gush from the steep canyon walls and cascade into the river below. The water source is the Snake River Plains Aquifer, one of the largest groundwater systems in the world. It creeps through an area of several thousand square miles under southern Idaho’s porous volcanic rock before emerging from the springs in the cliffs. Today, hydroelectric projects divert some of the water so while you won’t see literally a “Thousand Springs” it is still an impressive sight.



Devils Washbowl


The most outstanding experience was Miracle Hot Springs…not miraculous in that it solved our mysterious issue with the coach but miraculous in that it was just the soothing, blissful hour that we needed to soak away our cares. Truly, if it had been open we would have been back on Sunday for another hour. The best $28 I have ever spent.



Taking the water at Miracle Hot Springs


The facility itself could be described as spartan but the mineral water was the real deal. Miracle Hot Springs is truly a Geothermal Oasis in the Desert. We Rejuvenated in the continuous flow of natural hot spring water that is soft to the touch and odorless with a sensational alkaline pH of 9.6. For $28 we had a VIP soaking pool for an hour which had a private dressing room and a private outdoor pool surrounded by a high stucco wall. Since I was with my man of 25+ years there was no reason to don the swimsuit!




We saw some jaw dropping beautiful country, visited the Hagerman Narional Fish Hatchery, saw the Devils Washbowl at Malad State Park, checked out the Hagerman Fossil Beds Visitors Center, took a walk in the Niagara Wildlife Management area and had some delicious ice cream at Cloverleaf Creamery. All in all, a nice day and a great way to get our minds off the real reason we were still in Twin Falls.




Shaggy Scottish Highland cows…boy, they are a long way from home!


On Sunday our traveling friends, Tom and Laurie detoured over to Twin Falls to cheer us up. We were supposed to meet in Moab and spend our BD’s (Tom and I are just days apart) hiking in Arches National Park. We had a great dinner at Elevation 486 which overlooks the Snake River Gorge and spent the next day seeing some more of the local sites.

Did you know that just outside of Twin Falls was where the Minidoka War Relocation Center was built. The Minidoka War Relocation Center was in operation from 1942–45 and one of ten camps at which Japanese Americans, both citizens and resident “aliens,” were interned during World War II. Under provisions of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, all persons of Japanese ancestry were excluded from the West Coast of the United States. At its peak, Minidoka housed 9,397 Japanese Americans, predominantly from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.





Now a National Historical site, it serves as a grim reminder of how actual US citizen of Japanese heritage were treated during WW2. The Supreme Court eventually ruled that it was illegal to hold US citizens as prisoner so they were given $25 and sent on their way. Wow, Roosevelt and Trump may share some common views on immigrants – scary.




I will spare you the ground hogs day episode of everything that went on with the coach on Monday but we spent the night again in the Freightliner parking lot.




Suffice to say, its not looking like we will make it to Moab for my birthday (Tuesday). Hell, at this point I would be thrilled to be rolling down I84 going anywhere. So come on Freightliner…Make this gals birthday wishes come true.



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