The Frito Bandito and the First Aid Kit

For those of you who have a dog or multiple dogs you know exactly what I mean when I say our dog Bentley smells like Frito Corn Chips when he sleeps. So much so we have nicknamed him the Frito Bandito!


The sleepy Frito Bandito and his side kick Sucia who thankfully doesn’t smell like corn chips.


As a kid, I loved Fritos and was always thrilled when the little bag from the variety pack ended up in my school lunch bag. Those were the days, no worries about calories or transfats. Haven’t had Fritos in years but the distinctive odor is all Bentley and usually a sign he could use a good bath!






MMM, yummy in my tummy!!

We were talking about bathing the Frito Bandito but one thing led to another and he escape the privilege. Fabreeze just seemed easier! In the meantime, just as we were reconsidering our laziness, the Frito Bandito managed to slice the big pad behind the wrist joint while taking a night excursion to shore, then proceeded to almost tear the chunk of pad off playing ball the next day. I know, why did we let him play ball? Well, someone thought it was a good idea at the time but when the poor dude came limping back with the ball, someone had to carry him down the dock.


Boy can the Frito Bandito get air. He loves playing ball! I took this picture last spring in Santa Fe.


Never fear, we have really good first aid kits for both the humans and the pets onboard. Many of the products cross over but we put extra supplies in the Frito Bandito’s first aid kit such as tramadol for pain, antibiotics for wounds and bacterial infections such as giardia, Benadryl and children’s aspirins which are safe for dogs. The Frito Bandito is also allergic to bee strings so we carry a injectable dose of Benadryl and a Epi-pen.


So out came the first aid kits, the saline solution and peroxide. The wound was really dirty so the can of pressurized saline was just the ticket for rinsing the wound. Once it was clean, I then rinsed the wound with peroxide which made the boy poor cry which in turn almost made us cry.



Once all the crying was done, a gentle application of anti-bacterial ointment went on, then a gauze pad and then the grand finale – vet wrap. I love this stuff, as it is an elastic bandage that is self sticking. It is a must have in a pet first aid kit as well as a human first aid kit.

The Frito Bandito was a very good patient and seemed grateful for the wound care treatment. He was such a good boy that special treats were in order…cat food with hidden tramadol and antibiotic pills. Yummy!!!


Is that a sad face or what? He may be extra sad as his favorite blue kong ball recently went for a permanent swim in Garrison Bay.


Given my years in animal welfare and friends in the human medical field, I am a pretty competent doggie nurse and can generally gauge what we can self treat and when a trip to the vet is in order. That said, good first aid skills and supplies are a necessity when you are boating, especially in more remote areas.

For now, the Frito Bandito is on boat arrest, with limited shore excursions for the next 7-10 days while his pad heals. He is not overly happy about no ball playing but I expect he will make a full recovery at which a time a bath will be the first order of business!


Do you remember the Frito Bandito jingle???



Ay, ay, ay, ay! oh, I am dee Frito Bandito. I like Fritos corn chips, I love them, I do. I want Fritos corn chips. I’ll get them, from you.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, oh, I am the Frito Bandito. Give me Fritos corn chips and I’ll be your friend. The Frito Bandito you must not offend.


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