Life on the road with Bentley and Sucia

We love having our pets on the coach with us and for the most part they are traveling fairly well. They are both adjusting to life on the road and while travel days are not their favorite times, we have a routine down now. They definitely sense when we start prepping the coach to hit the road.

Bentley needs a good walk, a couple of natural stress tabs before we hit the road and he prefers that his bed be right between us while we are under way so he can ride shotgun!


Sucia has always been a good traveler in the car and only really cries when she has to go potty. So she is now traveling in style in her large travel crate complete with litter pan and a towel to cover the sides when the coach is on the road. Rescue Remedy in the wet food has really helped settle her anxiety so we always give it to her on travel days.


They are both much less jumpy about noises now but Sucia still really hates the process of leveling the coach as the hydraulic levels are pressurized by the onboard air compressor, which can be a bit noisy. Poor Bentley used to shake like a leaf and Sucia just went comatose, poor buddies. We have found that by leaving Sucia in the travel crate until all the arriving chores are done, she is no longer as stressed.

The coach has two slides which open up the bedroom and living area and also operate on a hydraulic system so Sucia has to be safely contained when ever we let them out or put them in as she could easily be crushed if she got behind the bedroom slide, and we all know how tempting it is for kitties to squeezed back under something.


With Bentley and Sucia on board the Roadhouse, pet hair and dander are a constant battle. I purchased a really great hepa air cleaner. It is a Winix FresHome with plasma wave which runs 24/7 in the coach. It is really quiet so we don’t even notice it most of the time. What’s really cool about it is that it senses when the air needs more cleaning and will automatically ramp up to scrub the air, then ramp down to the low mode when it is happy with the air quality. The dust in the desert is also a constant so the air cleaner has its work cut out for it. Good news is, it really works and I was impressed (and slight appalled) when I opened up the filter area after a month of constant use. The main filter was full of particulates and yes…cat hair! I vacuumed out the filter and put the unit back to work, easy peasy.

Speaking of vacuuming, that is also a regular occurrence onboard, no surprise. Pet hair, and especially, cat litter that gets tracked around the coach drive me crazy, so I do a quick clean up every morning and a big “clean sweep” once a week. Road House has a built in vacuum system which I love, so life is good!

Before we hit the road, Bentley and Sucia had their favorite places in the house. Sucia has always owned the bedroom and that is no different on the coach. She sleeps the day away, like only a cat can, curled up on the bed, tucked in between a pillow or two. When she is awake, her favorite place to sit is on the passenger club chair where she can look out the window and sniff the fresh air coming in the nearby screen door. Her other place is under the dining table, by her unused kitty sphere. What a waste of money that was, it looks really cool but she has never sat inside the big round basket on the top. She does use the scratching post on the leg of it so now we can’t really get rid of it!!! Seriously, she will sit by it, behind it, but no, of course not inside it. Sucia does not give the groovy sphere a 4 paw rating.

Cool cat sphere huh? Notice that’s not MY CAT…cause she won’t go in there! I am only slightly bitter!!!


We haven’t found the perfect place on the coach for the poo palace and are toying with the idea of building it into a spot under the bed. Knowing what happens when the Princess of the Poo Palace has her space messed with, I am reluctant to upset the karma in the kingdom. I am trying to introduce a wood pellet litter as it doesn’t track as bad and is is less dusty than her current clumping litter. That was going remarkably well until I got crazy and switched out the Poo Place for a open air model with a sifting tray. BAD IDEA… Bentley’s bed was the recipient of the Princess’s outrage.

Bentley owns the front of the coach where his big, boy bed resides in front of the big screen TV lift cabinet. We retrofitted that area specifically for his bed and the TV. Luckily, he likes his bed and actually uses it…to sleep on (he was incredibly disgusted with the outrage of the Princess). He would prefer to sneak up on the new leather couch if no one is around to stop him, so we have to use a big piece of foam core to subvert his sneaky attempts. His toy basket was significantly reduced but he does have a small one by his bed. I kept a bag of his favorites and rotate them in and out of the basket but really he still loves nothing better than a game of fetch or a wrestling match with his man.


For the most part, the two critters coexist nicely and don’t seem to much worse for wear after 2 months of living the mobile lifestyle, Well, sans the litter box incident which I think Bentley has forgiven Sucia for or at least forgotten about.

2 thoughts on “Life on the road with Bentley and Sucia

  1. Looks like the whole family is settling in beautifully. Your adventures sound like such fun. All is well here, just a lot of travel. But Africa in June draws nearer and nearer, can’t wait.

    Love and hugs to you.


    • Hugs to you to Lauren …can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about your Africa adventure. We loved Botswana, the people and of course the animals. Wondering what you will learn from them?


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