Cave Creek, AZ

We really enjoyed our stay at Cave Creek Regional Park, so much so I am behind in writing anything about the area. Who’d thunk I would get behind on things after being retired – well, news flash…I am such a slacker!

Like most of the west, Arizona was home to many tribes of Native Americans and Cave Creek is no exception. The Hohokam Native Americans who have been traced back to this area arrived in 700 A.D. They developed extensive irrigation systems, trade routes and generally lived a peacefully existence. These ancient tribes evolved into engineers and craftmen and their history is a fascinating read. Just east of Cave Creek, the Sears-Kay Ruin offers a peek into the lifestyles of ancient Hohokam Indians, ancestors of today’s Pima Indians and the Valley’s first residents.


Well, fast forward, there are ruins and remnants of the Hohokam Indians but in general Cave Creek is a outpost of Scottsdale but still has a rural, western feel. We found the area to be charming, with a quiet pace but enough amenities, oh like an amazing, totally local coffee roaster and a killer meat market featuring Arizona grass fed beef and pork. All this but still close enough to Scottsdale to take in a movie and sushi on a rainy day ( yes, it rains in Arizona) or a vistit to the MIM (Musical Instrument Musuem).

The Cave Creek Regional Park where we stayed was a quiet oasis with lots of wildlife like javelinas, deer, rabbits, quail, doves and a plethora of other birds. I got some action on the hummingbird feeder too, Black Chinned and Anna’s hummers were frequent visitors. We frequently saw the “three amigos”, a local coyote gang, both out hiking and right in the campground.

See if you can find the one amigo in this picture:


Bentley gave the 2 week stay in Cave Creek a 4 paw rating and the only complaint he had was having to wear the silly hiking boots on the trails. He was content to lay outside all day in the sun, watching the critters and taking the occasional short hike.

While the area hiking was way more extensive that Bentley wanted to explore, Wally did get out and explore the numerous old mines that dot the hillsides while I kept to my bike. The trails at Cave Creek were too technical for me so I stayed on the side roads and ATV trails.


Evening sunsets were spectacular and our southwest facing site was the perfect place to watch the sun dip down on the horizon and fill the skies with a blaze of color. Early mornings, as the sun came up we would see hot air balloons floating lazily over the Sonoran desert.


Cave Creek was our second regional park stay and I agree totally with Bentley, it deserves a 4 paw rating!

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