What Whoa, I think I broke my toe

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think what whoa …this can’t be good? That thought crossed my mind on Tuesday morning as I rushed to grab my phone and jammed my foot, specifically my little toe into a box of wine.

I suspect you are thinking one of many things right now…
1. Why is she rushing for the phone – she’s retired?
2. Why is there a box of wine in the middle of the RV?
3. Is she really that big of a klutz?
4. Was there alcohol involved?

So many good questions, which I will try to address but in the moment all I was thinking is SDPH, that really hurt. Once I concluded the call, I calmly informed my husband that the important banking transaction (transferring a really large sum of money to my moms account for a home purchase) went well and I think I broke my toe. Of course he immediately suggested ice, advil and a stop at a urgent care once we got to Redding. Ice and advil sounded just fine but urgent care is not on my list of things to see or do in California. Out next stop after Redding was Lodi where we had grand plans to visit wineries and drink wonderful Zinfandel.

The internet has a plethora of information about just about anything and best I could tell after googling broken little toe, ice, binding the questionable toe and limited exercise was about all any doc would do. So, all my medical friends are welcome to chime in here but you are all so not compliant about your own injuries and the fact that I am 4 days post injury, might quench your desire to respond!


Well, I iced and took gobs of advil, no binding cause I am not really sure it’s broken and it isn’t really hurting now, well maybe a little when I twist and turn on it! Sadly, this is cutting into my walking and doggie play time as I am trying to adhere to the limited exercised suggestion.

Ironically, we have very little room on board the RV for more wine. We left Portland with 7 cases of wine squirrel away…yes, some of which is being stored inside the RV where the couch will eventually be. One could conclude that I am a bit of a klutz since I broke my toe on a box of wine on the second day of our road trip. And yes, there was alcohol involved but there was none in my system at the time (story of my life). The final irony is that our next stop in in wine country.

Seriously, what is it about me and wine on this trip, do you think I should be worried?

6 thoughts on “What Whoa, I think I broke my toe

  1. Yikes! I broke my little toe a couple of months ago stubbing it against the leg of the sofa while stepping over Bindi, who was asleep on the floor, so I know how it feels. Buddy taping the toes is definitely a good idea, as is wearing shoes that aren’t too confining. Enjoy the wine country! 🙂


      • I was supposed to stay off my feet, but I didn’t really. I did wear a surgical shoe for about 6 weeks though – ugh! Healing time is 6-7 weeks, but even now, my toe gives a niggle occasionally. I hope your healing process goes well!


  2. I just started reading the blog and I’m glad I did because I can see I’m going to have to check in at least every few days. Ouch on the toe situation. It looks awfully black (and blue) and swollen. I can relate with my own foot travails.


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