Home Improvements…Part 2

The Road House remodel continues. First, we took out the oh so stylish couch, recliner and dog.

Poor Bentley, doesn’t he look worried!! One might argue, the furniture looks like brand new. Well yes, it sure does and it would look amazing in your grandmothers house, so let her know it is for sale!

We took the coach to Western Interiors in Turner Oregon to have all the interior flooring replaced.

We choose Western Interiors as they have loads of experience with RV floors as well as sticks and brick houses. Goodbye bland carpet and linoleum!

Four days later, they were done so let’s go inside and have a look see what they did….

TA-DA….doesn’t it look amazing. Carlos at Western Interiors did an great job. Wally and I were totally awestruck when we walk in and saw the new flooring.

I know it looks like real hardwood but it is actually IVCUS Moduleo eastern hickory luxury vinyl planks. This was a great choice for our coach as it is water proof and practically dog proof (that’s as important as asthesthics for us), will flex with the movement of the RV, has lifetime warranty and requires no waxing – just a simple damp mopping. WOO-HOO, what more could a gal want.

With the amazing looking new floors, we now need a new couch and are heading down to Perch Furniture to order a custom built, super stylish, black leather couch. It will take 8-12 weeks to build so we might have to hit the road with out the couch but the factory is in LA and they will ship it to wherever we are. The folks at Perch were super helpful and so jazzed that one of their sofas is going in a RV. Who knows maybe we will start a trend in stylish RV furniture 🙂

Stay tuned, there are more mods happening!

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