Gleefully selling stuff…

I gotta tell you that working to accumulate things is not nearly as rewarding as selling them right now. It feels like we are in some parallel universe right now as all the things I sold this weekend meant something to us but right now it just feels good to see them departing the house with new people who will enjoy them. I said good-bye to the telescope, all my ceramic deck pots with beautiful plantings, our teak outdoor table and chairs, all thanks to the Next Door App.

My neighbor Debbie pinged me when she saw the deck pots listed, walked over and bought them all. So cute, she and her husband and two boys took them home in several trips with the wheelbarrow! When I went for a walk later, it was nice to see the pots on her front porch.

I love that app, you can keep in touch on neighborhood happenings or connect with a walk group plus there is a classified feature which is so much better than Craigslist for selling things. Got two scammers right away on Craigslist when I listed our dining room table and chairs.  A “flight attendant” from North Carolina and a dude named “Dave” who wanted to buy the table for someone very dear to him. Gee, the fact that we could only do the deal via email with PayPal and someone would come pick it up wasn’t  slightly fishy. ARSEHOLES…come on get a life!

I am 6 weeks from retirement and we are 3 months from hitting the road…………..WOO-HOO!!!!

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