Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Four


Monday started off on a high note by a knock on the door at 8 am. By our standards that is early and no one who knows us well would come a knockin. So as I lay there in a groggy but now almost awake state, Wally jumped up and threw on some clothes…well, I think he did but I was still buried under my pillow! I was still there under my pillow when he crawled back in mumbling “delivery”. High note… it was a wine delivery!!!!

What, now that is good news! We frequent, both in person and online at a really great wine shop in sleepy Anacortes Washington. Doug, who is one of the owners/founders of Compass Wines has an incredible palate and a equally incredible marketing talent. We received frequent emails like the one below:

“Technically, I know this is wrong, but it sure tastes like it. The White Burg we ran a couple weeks back was literally sold out before we opened the doors that day, so here is a bit of a solace for those who missed out. This one comes not from Burgundy, but rather, Piedmont. The land of Nebbiolo (Langhe, in this case) is also a great growing medium for Chardonnay. Bright an mineral driven, with green apple and pear, lemon rind and just a kiss of flinty smoke. Beautifully balanced and much more complex and sophisticated than the price would dictate. We bought every bottle imported into the state, and that was just shy of 20 cases. At this price, I would jump on that mouse ASAP.“

Ca’ Del Baio Luna D’Agosto Langhe Chardonnay 2018 $12.99

Yep, I jumped on that mouse for sure and this little gem was one of three cases of white wine we had waiting for us in Ancortes. Normally we would just pick up everything when we roll back in to Anacortes but given the current state of affairs, it seemed prudent to have them shipped to us in California. I can do without TP but no wine…that is a horrifying prospect. Thanks Compass Wines – you were the high note of the day!!!!

So here is how day four of our sheltering in place went…

  • Walked the resort with my friend Kristen. Luckily our interior roads have very little traffic so we are able to stay six feet apart, still yak and get in about 3 miles! I love the smell of the citrus tree blossoms especially after it rains which it did last night.

  • Wally took Bentley to the desert for a run. Bentley doesn’t care to hike anymore or go on long boring walks but instead prefers to run with wild abandon, chase bunnies, vistit with his old man crow who drops in during their walks and carry a stick around in his mouth. There are huge tracts of land on the edge of Cathedral City where a man and his dog can walk without ever seeing another human.
  • Spent a couple of hours unpacking and bleach wiping three cases of wine. This virus puts a whole new meaning to “bottle flu”! We have one cabinet in the coach where we store wine and it holds about three cases of wine, some beers and hard cider. I also have another hidey hole under the sectional couch that I store all kinds things like seltzer water, cases of black beans (post apocalypse), more beer and now more wine.
  • Attended a teleconference Board of Trustees meeting for our community. Since the Governor’s shelter in place order, the board has had to make some tough decisions about how to continue the operations of the community while balancing the safety of our staff. Club houses, events, the hair salon, the poolside coffee bar, the Bar, satellite pool restrooms…all closed. Essential services remain as does our access to sports courts and the golf courses. I know, all first world problems is what you are thinking but these types of decisions are happening all around the world. Peoples livelyhoods are hanging in the balance. We are personally grateful to be in this community right now and the remaining owners would be happy to do whatever it takes to keep our little oasis functional.
  • Played three kick-ass games of pickleball. Bleach wiped all the equipment and the chairs I sat in – which were 6 feet from the other players FYI.
  • Had a glass or two of wine with friends on our patio as yes, wait for it, we sat 6 feet apart.
  • Chatted with a girl friend in Mexico. Our counties are going through very similar poor Presidential crisis leadership. Seems their State Governors are left to make all the decisions as well and plead for resources.
  • Fixed carne asada tacos, black beans (cause we got a case of them) and a spicy southwest slaw for dinner.
  • Wrote this blog post and edited pictures.
  • Frig is still full…not sure what I am making for dinner tomorrow…but its gotta included some of the fresh veggies we have stockpiled. By far our most mellow day but so far, so good for day four. Hope all of you are healthy and sane…I love hearing from everyone so please leave a comment and let us know how you are surviving in these crazy times.

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