Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Two


Not sure why I am subjecting myself to reading the news or responding to social media posts from people I actually know who can’t seem to fact check. Not sure which is more aggravating. Yep, going on a rant right out of the gate here.

So honestly most of my day was down right pleasant, despite all the crappy news but the lack of fact checking that is rampant all over social media is making me crazy. Do people (A) just like to stir the pot, (B) spread fear, (C) display their ignorant or (D) they are just unclear about the effects of what they say on social media??? All four options are perfectly viable but I suspect I will never know what is lurking in many peoples gray matter. Okay, rant over…

So here is how my day two of our sheltering in place went…

  • Spent the morning at two local stores looking for yeast…why yeast you may ask??? Well, we had a hankering to fire up the UNI pizza oven and damned if you don’t need yeast to make pizza dough. Unfortunately, I had the realization that I had none at 11 pm the night before and had already invited a couple of friends over to make pizza. I expected the TP and PT isle to look just like the picture below but not the baking isle. Guess all the TP hoarders are home baking bread too. I spotted Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust mix at the first store I went to and grabbed both bags after I read it included a package of yeast. Score… well, now wait a minute.. It is a gluten free pizza dough mix. No wonder there are still two packages available. Isn’t pizza dough and gluten an oxymoron??? Bought it anyway to hedge my bets …
  • Made pizza dough with my newly acquired yeast sans the gluten free mix. Spent the morning happily prepping ingredients for pizza, shredding cheese in my food processor and caramelizing onions.
  • Text cooked with my BFF Leslie…She loves to bake and is damn good at it. I know she never runs it of yeast! Her morning was spent making bread and shopping in her freezer too.
  • Vacuumed a small gray cat’s worth of hair out of our bedroom and our hepa air filter. I love our kitty Sucia but wow can she put down the hair.
  • Chatted with a dear friend on the phone. He just arrived at his place in Palm Springs. We debated if we should see each other, he is in the high risk category, or if we should just do virtual happy hours for awhile. This is just so hard…
  • Had three friends from the “compound” over for happy hour and pizza on the patio. It’s fairly easy to keep proper social distancing outside. Everyone enjoyed making their own pizza and Wally cooked them in our UNI pizza oven. Not too worried about germs after the ingredients go into the 700 degree oven!
  • Wrote this blog post and edited pictures.
  • Frig is still full and there is now yeast in the pantry…so far, so good for day two. Hope all of you are healthy and sane…I love hearing from everyone so please don’t forget leave a comment occasionally!!!

5 thoughts on “Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Two

  1. LOL. I just saw a meme on Facebook the other day. It said “Just going to hop on Facebook real quick to see what’s up…. aaaaaaand I’m in an argument.”

    Pretty much an accurate portrayal of my life these days. 🙂

    I know I shouldn’t bother and yet… it’s like a moth to a flame.

    Ah well. If I didn’t feel unrelenting rage every day, what would I feel??? (Probably joy and calm, but whatever. Where’s the fun in that??)

    Stay well.

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