It’s National Margarita Day!!!

Did you know that Friday, February 22 is National Margarita Day 2019 in United States of America?

Not sure who’s clever marketing idea it was but wherever you stand on national food holidays — from loving the lunch prompt to thinking it’s made-up and absurd — I say, just embrace your inner mixologist!!!

The bottom line is you can get killer deals on margaritas at tons of different restaurants across the country. You can even score deals on margarita essentials like blenders and margarita mix at a bunch of different retailers. There’s a good chance your local watering holes and neighborhood restaurants are running National Margarita Day 2019 deals of their own.

I am personally not planning to go anywhere but my sunny patio overlooking the golf course in sunny Palm Springs!


Because I want to properly honor the day, we will be serving Honey Palomas along with a Cheesy Potato and Crab Gratin, Caesar Salad and Sea Salt Caramels for dessert at our Friday Night Cocktail and Cards Soiree tonight.

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