It’s Moving Day…

Our time here at the Outdoor Resort in Palm Springs has drawn to a close. Three and a half months has flown by and we have had a great winter so far.

Great weather, making new friends and having old friends visit have been the highlights of our stay here. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and it is great to be so active, hiking, biking and our new passion – pickle ball!

Getting the Road House ready to roll takes the better part of a day. Seems we have collected a few new things along the way but thankfully we have lots of storage under the coach. Wally does most of the outside packing while I concentrate on the indoor chores. In this post, you will get to see all the prep Wally does to get us ready to roll.



All of this, except the big patio table and chairs have to be stowed.


Bikes go on the rack that is attached to the hitch on the back of the coach. The traegar smoker/grill legs fold under and it is stored under the coach. The teak bistro table and chairs fold up nicely and also fit into one of the three large compartments under the coach on the drivers side.



Bentley needs to get with the program and stow his toys!


The outdoor rug is usually the biggest pain in the buttosky. It does a great job of collecting dirt and sand so we usually blow it off with our battery powered leaf blower, then fold it up and store it in a canvas bag. Again, it fits under the coach in on of the three big compartments on the passenger side. The trick to all this packing is to remember where the heck it all came from and then try to repack it all the same way.



This is another reason a we have a SUV! Ernie is a great rolling storage unit.


Well, we did acquire a few things here in Palm Springs …the outdoor fire pit with a 10 gallon propane tank, a small side table and two doggie fencing panels. Hey, we needed that stuff so don’t get all judgy on me!



Bentley LOVES his outdoor area and thinks the fencing panels were a great purchase!!!


After Wally gets everything stowed, he takes off the UV window screens that cover the windshield and side door, then he cleans the windshield and applies rainex. A clean windshield makes the driver a happy man! He also has to retract all of our awnings and make sure they are locked. Yes, we had one of them come loose last year and of course it was the big awning on the drivers side slide out. Lucky for us, there was no damage.



Oops, I did acquire some herbs as well  🙂


The best is left for last…dumping the black tank and running the cleaning genie which automatically washes down the inside of the black tank.  Wally then has to wash and stow the gray/black water sewer hose. It’s really not that bad as fresh water is run through the sewer line prior to disconnecting and stowing it. Trust me on this one, the hose always goes back in the same compartment and nope, NOT my job!!!!



Yes, he will deserve a long hot shower after this chore is done!


Wally usually disconnects the water and sewer the night before we roll but leaves us plugged into power. This makes his departure morning go faster and cleaner. He partially fills our fresh water tank so we have shower water the next morning. Isn’t he a smartie!!

There is still chore of getting the tow bar for Ernie ready but we (yes, I am helping on this one) will connect the car and the braking system in the morning after we pull out of our site.

Ta-Da, that is mostly it for pre-departure chores. In the morning, we will both re-check our task lists and hopefully be rolling for Arizona around 8 am.

Oh wait, there is one last chore to be done…..



Time for a cold one and dinner out with some new friends.

11 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day…

  1. I cannot believe everything you are able to fit into your storage bays!! I’m jealous. I’d sure love to have a teak outdoor table and chairs but it would have to ride on the roof of our truck…along with our kayak and bikes, haha! Looks like you had an idyllic winter. Happy new adventures!

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  2. We were just talking about those propane fire pits. I never saw the need until we got out to the southwest and ran into all these places where wood fires are not allowed (for good reason). It’s definitely something we might consider at some point. Anyway, safe travels… hopefully we’ll have better luck running into one another down the line.


    • We sure do love the fire pit…not as much as a good ole wood fire but makes it nice to sit out on a cool evening.

      What direction are you heading now??? We are in AZ until the end of April then back to the PNW for the summer boating season.


      • Hey, we are heading toward San Diego next. We’ll then be looping through Southern Utah and western Colorado through the middle of the summer. I haven’t booked anything beyond that yet, but we may head toward Idaho and the Oregon coast…or Montana, or Wyoming…. I have no idea… too many choices!!


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