No, I Am Not a Cutter

Cutting has been around for centuries and is best understood as a form of self-help, however misguided. People who cut, or intentionally injure their skin, often say it helps them relieve tension.

I am not trying to make light of this destructive, really sad, psychiatric disorder that affects millions of people. But, I do cut myself often and thankfully have discovered an amazing product called wound seal. Is it because I love to cook or that I am not really careful with sharp instruments? I do know that I don’t like the attention I get when I cut myself nor do I crave it as a way to get out of doing dishes.

I also know that my form of cutting doesn’t relieve tension…while I don’t get especially excited when I have my quarterly accidents, I do think poor Wally’s blood pressure goes up significantly.

This last cutting incident involved slicing grilled chicken diagonally. For whatever reason, Wally usually grills and slices but today I was Wonder Woman, doing it all. I was just giving myself kudos for doing such a great job when WHAMO, I see the knife make contact with two of my fingers and feel the dull pain set in. As usually, I am optimistic and think…well, it can’t be to bad since there is no blood. WRONG…after I wash the Spicy SW Glaze off my fingers, blood start gushing. Well, damn it!



Look at those perfect slices ..okay, but what idiot uses a bread knife to slice grilled chicken?


Quickly, I wrap the small but mighty cuts in a paper towel and nonchalantly make my way toward our well equipped first aid kit. After taking a good look at the amount of blood in the bathroom sink, I again, nonchalantly asked Wally for his help getting out the wound seal.



My lucky day, it was but BOGO at the Walgreens in Santa Fe!!!


Well, that got his attention! After several attempts to get the liquid wound seal (which is nothing more that superglue) on my oozing wounds, we both agree that the powder is much easier and more effective.
Boy, am I ready for a glass of wine now!!!

These incidents usually involve some discussion about a trip to urgent care…for the record, not my suggestion and I use adamant assurance that the wound seal will do the trick. This particular incident was messy, took a whole vail of liquid wound seal and three bandages per finger but seriously wasn’t stitch worthy, really!




No worries Bentley, we got it covered


After some amount tense discussion, Wally finished the dinner prep, poured us each a generous glass of wine and of course, did the dishes afterwards.



Southwest Spiced Grilled Chicken with Butternut Squash and Arugula


Me, I am grateful for a great first aid kit and the miracle product Wound Seal…but remember get the powder not the liquid!




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