Bentley’s four paw perspective

Life on the road is very different for Bentley and I think it truly agrees with him. For many of you that know Bentley, you know him as a sweet but big ole scaredy cat. I call him our reluctant guard dog…he feels obligated to tell me when something is not right with the world but there is no way he feels obligated to do anything about it.

Well, he hasn’t miraculously stopped looking at the word through wary eyes but he certainly is adjusting well to life on the road. Not having a backyard, he grew up as a very indoor dog, going outside with his people to go for walks, to go potty, to go for a car ride, to go to work, to go to his beloved Lexi-Dog but never really spent any measurable time outside just being a dog.

Since we have been on the road, Bentley has been spending more time outside…yes, on his own. He is mostly on a tether by the RV lying in the sun, watching the world go by. He loves watching the birds which are abundant, the occasional cottontail or jackrabbit and the zippy ground squirrels. He is so happy that he gets indignant when asked to come inside. I have tried to explain to him that I can’t just leave him out there when I am off riding my bike and there is no way Mr. Lazy Pants would consider going with me on a 9 mile bike ride. I mean really!! A short hike, a leisurely walk or a serious game of fetch with his favorite Kong ball is worth his consideration.

Being outside in the desert means foot protection and seriously regular flea/tick treatments…these are things we didn’t have to really worry about before. Mr. Bentley is sporting some new hiking boots which he is not really in love with yet, another reason to boycott hiking with his man! This week he is wearing the front boots only and it is comical to see him high stepping down the road. He isn’t quite convinced that the cholla burrs are as bad as the boots and his new technique to shorten his hikes is to fake a poop, spin around to face the other way so he can head back down the trail. Sorry dude, Wally is on to you!!!


At the end of the day, Bentley can put a sleep on when I do finally lure him in at dark or after the camp fire hour but he is ready the next morning to head right back out to his plush bed in the sun. Oh, the life of a RV dog!


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