A year of change…

“The only thing constant in life is change” Heraclitus.

2016 has been a whirl wind of change for Wally and I. Based on a desire to step away from our careers and reclaim time to enjoy life in a different way, we bought a big ass RV, sold our dream home, made countless trips to the goodwill and the dump, given away things to friends who will treasure and enjoy those things, moved into a rental house down the street from our dream home, had a massive garage sale, taken a early retirement and given notice at work.

All that and we are remarkable sane, settled and still like each other. The cat is still using the litter box and the dog loves the new back yard, cause he can chase a ball till he drops!

Not saying this has been easy, we are about 4 1/2 months from leaving Portland and still have piles of stuff to go through. Taking a break from it right now to enjoy summer and time with friends.


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