Sheltering in Place – A Diary of Virusapocalypse: Day Five


This mornings news was a complete dichotomy…

India joins coronavirus lockdown, while WHO warns US’s escalating outbreak could become next global epicentre for COVID-19. Oh, and the POTUS wants churches full for Easter. All of this and more while US hospital are crying out for basic necessities like face masks and gloves. WTF…yes, WTF…I should have just stayed in bed with the pillow over my head. It worked so well for me yesterday.

I guess I wake up hopeful, like many humans and take a look at what’s new in the world. Looking for a glimmer of something that brings a bit of hope into this bleak situation. Thankfully those little glimmers of hope are out there…not so much at the political level but at the everyday human level. Loved this story about another restauranteur helping feed the staff at local hospitals while being closed down indefinitely.

So here is how day four of our sheltering in place went…

  • Walked the resort again with my friend Kristen. Its a bit like a ghost town around here with so many empty lots or shuttered up rigs. That said, it is still a beautiful ghost town with flowering bougainville, bright blue skies, citrus trees loaded with fruit and blooming desertscape.

  • Went on a fruit run around the resort in the golf cart with my walking pal. Meyers lemons, ruby grapefruit, oranges and tangerines filled our baskets and bags. The picture above is own lemon tree which is loaded too. There is going to be some serious juicing over the next few days and one thing is certain… there will be no scurvy here matey… argh….!!!
  • Made a nice chopped salad and ate outside on the patio with Wally while Bentley entertained us. Not sure why but our crazy mutt loves playing with lemons. If he sees them sitting on the table, he will whine until we roll one his way. Then he gets silly… play bowing, growling, nose bumping and jumping on the poor defenseless lemon. Then he picks it up, carries it around, nibbles on it and makes funny faces. The best part is he is smiling and has lemony fresh breath after all that!
  • Did laundry…need I say more. Yawn…
  • Wally worked on little projects around the coach.
  • Chatted with my Mom the phone. Got her grocery and necessities list, then spent a frustrating hour and a half trying to find the things she wants online. I use the Instacart App to do her grocery shopping and was amazed I could get her order delivered the same day in Mesa Az. Here in the Coachella Valley it is next to impossible to get anything delivered.
  • Had a glass or two of wine with friends on our patio, okay, there may have been a couple of bottles involved but these are stressful times. Yes, we did sit six feet apart, had separate bottles, glasses and appetizers. I bleach cleaned everything before and after …
  • Ordered take out sushi with our friends John and Kristen. Love our local Otori Japanese restaurant and gladly support them while they struggle to stay open.
  • Wrote this blog post and edited pictures.
  • Frig is still full…not sure what I am making for dinner tomorrow…but its gotta included some of the fresh veggies that I should have used for dinner tonight. Another uneventful day…so far, so good for day four. Hope all of you are healthy and sane…I love hearing from everyone so please leave a comment and let us know how you are surviving in these crazy times.

FYI… some might find this video objectionable but I suspect most of you will be laughing out loud. Honestly, there is more than a grain of truth in between the not so subtle mockery.

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